9-Year Old with a Diaper Fetish

Sorority Baby I and II I had had an interest in female domination and diaper domination for as long as I could remember. In my fantasy world I was always role-playing the scene of forced diapering and bondage equipment – gags, collars and cuffs for both my wrists and ankles. This story assumes that the “family” from Full House actually existed in real life and is written in the past tense. Basically, this is a fantasy I had after watching episode of the show. Diaper Deal I was shocked. My father held up a disposable baby diaper that he’d found in my closet. He and my mother looked at me seriously. Perhaps it was something in his voice, the total lack of anything threatening, but I answered, “Yes. A nurse was walking toward me, with a folded disposable diaper. I tried to back away and escape but she got to me to before i could.

Romance and the bedwetter

I have a really strange problem. The guy I’m seeing wets the bed. Not every night, but it happens enough that I’m concerned. The first time, I thought it was because he’d been drinking heavily, but it happens even on nights when he hasn’t had a single drink. No matter how much I’ve tried to clean up, I always smell urine in his room.

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And she just doesn’t get this house-training idea. In fact, tonight she pissed on the floor right in front of me. It’s frustrating as hell. But it does ring a bell. I was a bedwetter, and wet my bed until I was 12 years old. I haven’t allowed myself to think of this in years. Being a bedwetter is not my deepest, darkest secret—I’m hoping that one will go to the grave with me—but it’s very close. I’ve never mentioned my bedwetting to anyone.

Bed-wetting in teenagers and adults

According to the Bladder And Bowel Foundation, one in adults will be affected by bedwetting at some point during their lifetime. This means that sufferers could be missing out on treatment. Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, often runs in families. There are several possible causes for adult bedwetting, says Zaki Almallah, a urologist at the bladder clinic at the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham. However, this can happen in adults, too.

Martin Clunes suffered with bedwetting into his early teens Another cause is an overactive bladder — this means that the bladder spasms when it is just slightly full, causing bedwetting.

Bladder Leakage Basics. bed wetting diapers and dating. i am wondering how guys that wet the bed deal with diapers and dating? how do you find some one who accepts that you need diapers at night? how do you bring up the subject? I’ve been married for 1 year and my husband is a bedwetter. Before I got married I was accepting and didn’t.

As usual, he felt emasculated and very babyish. Jenna, his wife of five years, was lounging on her bed, filing her perfectly manicured nails and occasionally sipping a glass of wine. She looked absolutely fabulous. Dressed only in her sexy push-up bra and panties, her long, curly brown hair flowed down over her soft, bare shoulders like a waterfall, spilling down across her lithe arms but not covering the two spectacular mounds of her big breasts.

Billie stared at them now with unconcealed lust and unconsciously, his hand drifted down to gently rub the bunny soft front of his cushiony diapers. His tiny little penis throbbed urgently with need inside his restrictive metal chastity device. Jenna smiled sweetly and got up out of the bed. Gently, she took his hand and led him out of her bedroom and back into his baby nursery next door.

But he also knew it would be his only chance for an orgasm, however brief. Jenna patted his fat, ruffled bottom and guided him into his pink crib.


Paraphilic infantilism is the psychoanalytical term used for those who like to engage in being treated as an infant or toddler. Adults who engage in play mimicking an infant are known as adult babies. About one in three adult babies are also referred to as diaper lovers.

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Friday, May 24, by Jessica Sager Drinking alcohol in excess is more dangerous than people thought—and girls are the ones binge drinking! New studies show that not only do young women drink more booze than guys do, but We also have much more dire consequences for it. Women in general are recommended to only have seven drinks per week, while for guys that limit is upped to 14 drinks per week.

For the science minded: Guys have more of the stomach enzyme gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, which lowers the amount of alcohol that gets into their bloodstreams, allowing them to drink more and feel its effects less. Most of the women and girls in the study who drank way over the recommended weekly limit did so in their first few weeks of college. This is a bummer, but it makes sense: Binge drinking leads to 23, deaths for women and girls in the U.

You already know not to drink and drive we hope! Have you ever gone out binge drinking?

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Tweet The diaper punishment could have worked when she was younger but all it is going to do now, especially since she is nearing her teens, is make her rebel. Now that she is older she needs different punishments. Ones that reprimand her and teach her at the same time. Make her do chores she hates.

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Jennifer BermanUrinary incontinence is not just a condition that affects women. Men are also at risk for bladder leaks and the older a man is, the mor The Nutrition Connection Eating healthier foods—and avoiding some foods altogether—can make for better bladder control. Even the simplest dietary modifications can have a big impact on bladder leakage. Determining what treatment and protection options are ri In reality, there are an estimated 17 million people in the United States that h Depend What is spastic bladder and how is it different from overactive bladder?

Overactive bladder and spastic bladder are basically the same condition characterized by uncontrolled bladder spasms that l Because all men have pr Depend Can stress contribute to Overactive Bladder?

9-Year Old with a Diaper Fetish

Diaper Girls Wetting November – Two adult baby girls in diapers are playing together while their mummy watches on. One girl wets her diaper and has her dirty diaper changed, and the other girl pees herself while her friend is being changed, and she to has her wet diaper changed. Girls Pissing November – Three young girls are having a sleep over.

Members Online. Home Members Online I’m like a unicorn. I haven’t dated in two decades or been on a dating site ever. I’m an eclectic, open, loving, kind person who seeks a playmate to enjoy life. I can be the life of the party but am also just as 2 days, 9 hours ago. Lonely Bedwetter. I’m 34 yrs old.

Home Blog Entry One in 50 teenagers still wet the bed One in 50 teenagers still wet the bed May 17, One in 50 teenagers still wet the bed and almost half of 19 year-olds who have the problem are wetting the bed every night, according to research published in the May issue of the urology journal BJUI International. Professor Chung K Yeung from the Chinese University of Hong Kong teamed up with colleagues from the Prince of Wales Hospital to analyse the results of more than 16, questionnaires surveying children aged from five to He hopes that his findings will reassure parents of children with mild bed wetting problems, but stress the importance of seeking advice in severe cases, which can often be caused by underlying medical problems and continue into adulthood.

The researchers found that although bed wetting was less common as children got older, the percentage reporting severe problems increased with age. Children and adolescents who wet the bed at night also showed a similar pattern when it came to daytime incontinence, with a higher percentage of problems reported in older age groups. When the researchers looked in detail at the children with bed wetting problems they found that: By the age of 19, severe bed wetting accounted for over 48 per cent of teenagers who were still wetting the bed.

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Author: Anonymous. Part 1. I trace my current interests in diapers and plastic pants back to when I was an actual “BEDWETTER” during all of my childhood and a good part of adolescence.

Chiropractors have helped thousands of teen bedwetting cases. If that sounds strange or hard to believe, you must read on! But first a quick refresher on human anatomy. The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body, control and regulate every cell, tissue and organ of the body. The nervous system is so important, the most critical parts are protected by bone. The skull protects the brain. And 24 moving bones of the spinal column protect the spinal cord.

If individual bones of the spinal column in the case of your bedwetting teen, the lumbar area become misaligned, rotated or shifted out of position, the spinal cord and the pairs of nerve roots that emerge from between each spinal bone may be affected. There can be just enough irritation or nerve interference to disturb essential brain-to-body communications. Pain may not even be present. Nocturnal enuresis or nighttime urinary incontinence. A fancy name for wetting the bed in the middle of the night.

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Wearing a Diaper at the Spa