AP PHOTOS: Ancient cemetery unearthed in Albania

Local rentals are often cheaper: Noshi Rent-a-Car Albarent etc. Also, keep in mind that the word car’ sounds identical to the Albanian word for penis, so do not be surprised if you get stared at if you say it. Positioned in the city centre, this tower has become a symbol of Tirana. It is one of the oldest constructions in Tirana, built in the s. Construction of this mosque took about 28 years and finished in It is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Albania with very interesting decorations and art-work within it.

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Share While Albanians of all faiths have historically co-existed peacefully, the participation of Albanian fighters in ISIS—and subsequent foiled terrorist plots in Albania itself—indicate that Islamic radicalism has become an important future security challenge. The foundations for radicalism were actually laid in the early s, when foreign Islamic states and organizations sought to gain influence in a country then just emerging from 45 years of Communist dictatorship.

While radical Islamism has never found mass appeal, Albania has always been a place of interest for both terrorist groups and those hunting them—as was attested to as long as two decades ago by CIA operations against international terrorist cells in the country. Islamist trends in Albania parallel similar developments in other Balkan countries. Such states share several important characteristics: And, as in neighboring Kosovo, the attempts of the Vatican to bolster Catholicism in Albania have angered parts of the Muslim population.

Through , the number of Albanian leaving to join ISIS and the al-Nusra Front had declined significantly in response to the strategic reversals both groups have faced in the Middle East. These include the need to deradicalize returning fighters, and to deal with terrorist plots organized from the Middle East or Western European diaspora—the most high-profile of which, so far, was a foiled plot to attack against the Israeli soccer team in a match played in Albania in November However, as of , this center had not yet become fully operational, and the major elements of security cooperation against terrorism were still carried out via state engagement with the US, EU, and regional security partners.

Islamism in Albania is a particularly fascinating topic because of its historic and multi-layered nature. The still predominant Sunni branch of Islam was introduced by the Ottoman Turks, who ruled for years until Just over a decade later, the new secular Turkish Republic deported a significant number of Sufi Muslims to Albania.

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That meant she would represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul , Turkey , in Albania’s debut year in the competition. The original song was four and a half minutes in length. Anjeza sang in the semi-final of ESC on 12 May , and finished fourth out of twenty-two. This top-ten finish, secured Anjeza a place in the final where on 15 May she competed with contestants from twenty-four other countries and finished seventh with a total of points.

In she signed a contract with an artist management agency based in Vienna.

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But for centuries it has had a special place in Albanians life. There are some core events that compose the whole Wedding party. Weddings last one week Traditional Albanian weddings are rather epic — they begin seven days before the ceremony. Especially at the home of the groom the wedding starts one week before.

The guests sing songs and dance characteristic dancing. It is like a big party that involves the whole village, or neighborhood. The wedding party of the brides usually is held on Wednesday or on Saturday. But this tradition changes from region to region. There are special presents to the bride such as: They accompany the groom and go to take the bride form her family, on the wedding day.

The firs groom maid is his uncle, but the group is really big usually consisting of more than 10 people, singing and dancing.

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The excavations near the village of Turan, which ended Friday, Sept. The excavations near the village of Turan, which ended Friday after 18 months, have unearthed one of the biggest ancient cemeteries in Albania, with about 1, layered burials, several of them richly furnished. And under the bottom layer are traces of a rare Neolithic settlement demarcated by holes in the ground that supported the now-rotted wooden skeletons of small huts.

More than 20 Neolithic sites have been found in Albania, dating roughly from the 7th to the 3rd millennia B. But according to Turan lead archaeologist Iris Pojani, the pipeline work provided the opportunity — and the funding — to excavate an unusually large inhabited area from that era. Above the millennia-old huts, her team of 50 archaeologists excavating an area of 4, square meters 43, square feet found three cemeteries from the Iron Age, late Roman times and the Middle Ages.


Ksamil, Himara, Borsh and Dhermi beaches are great getaway destinations, especially if you avoid the crowds in July and August. The mountains, the valleys, the views over the sea, countless beaches and remarkable scenery, the entire coastline is outstanding. If you only do one thing in Albania, take this road trip through the pass down to the coast.

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