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Age of Ultron , Ultron’s big speech about people creating the things they fear most gets a trademark Whedon mood-breaking moment when he forgets the word “children”, instead calling them “smaller people” until he recalls the right word. Forrest Gump ‘s general Verbal Tic. This leads to a nice Historical In-Joke when he ends up being a shareholder in “some sort of fruit company” Apple Computers. That’s what he meant to say. We will bathe in Eat our weight in

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March 10, Getty Images On the genre-busting television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the heroine saved the world—a lot—over the course of seven seasons. Buffy premiered on the WB 19 years ago today; here are a few things you should know about the show. And this is just the tip of the stake. But the film was different from what Whedon had originally intended.

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And if you can’t make it, fret not. The best moments will be culled from each to make a single recording suitable for broadcast in over 80 markets in the U. Joss Whedon’s Surprising Response to Young Female Fans How does performing into the microphone effect your rapport with the other cast members? The art of theater is hanging words in the air. What is it about theater that keeps you coming back? Do you still get a lot of Buffy fans at performances? I loved having fans of the show in the audience, there always are.

Anyone who’s come before knows that I shaved my blond hair the day after I stopped playing Spike.

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Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! Angel Blade is an erotic anime, so evil will be sexy. Mistress Nailkaizer is especially popular, but you’ve also got Chloe, Elaine , and the Black Widow from the sequel. The grand prize, however, is won by the Dark Mother , by far the sexiest thing to ever come out of the Evil Overlord trope and the one bossing around and doing other things to the above four.

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That plot’s pretty workable, but Jamal feels like a chosen one. He gets made into a superhero because he was born with the right physique. It might be more dramatic if Jamal gets selected for the experimentation because he wins some sort of competitive process.

Spike loved Buffy, the Potentials were an army, the First could be any dead person it wanted, the scythe was a magical Slayer weapon, Angel was back, and the First said “that bitch. It’s really odd seeing them together like this again; we’ve moved so far away from that dynamic that it’s just weird. While they’re still doing the cutesy basking-in-one-another’s-presence thing, Caleb reappears, battered and bloody but still somehow standing, and asks “Are you ready to finish this, bitch?

Post-credits, Caleb and Buffy fight, briefly, and then Buffy uses the scythe to cut him in half, starting from his crotch. Angel blathers for a bit before giving Buffy a mystical necklace which, apparently, is for a champion to wear – someone with a soul, but who is stronger than human. Angel’s ready to fight by her side, but Buffy rejects his help, sending him away to set up a “second front”, in case she fails and the world starts to get overrun with evil.

Wouldn’t it make sense to keep him in the fight, though, to stop that happening in the first place? The writers are very definitely not letting this be about a man fighting Buffy’s battles for her, though, and there’s even a bit of dialogue between Buffy and Angel about how she’s not a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, to really drive that point home.

Walking back from the vineyard, Angel asks Buffy if Spike’s her boyfriend now, and gets all snarky and jealous and, er, it’s really awkward, because Angel, in Angel the series, doesn’t act like this. And as if Angel acting all out of character weren’t bad enough, it’s time for Buffy to give a speech which may be one of the most embarrassing moments in the entire seven seasons of this show. I really don’t want to think about it, so let’s just skip this scene and never say the words “cookie dough” in association with relationship issues ever again.

When Buffy gets home, having sent Angel away to set up this second front, she finds Dawn waiting for her – ready to kick her in the shin for being a dumbass. Buffy fills everyone in on Caleb’s eventual fate and then goes to talk to Spike, who’s angry in the basement. There’s a lovely, touching moment where he asks for the necklace, she hesitates and says it’s to be worn by a champion, and then when he looks utterly dejected, hands it over to him, demonstrating her ultimate faith in him.

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Tick-Tock the Crocodile better known as just the Crocodile is a supporting character in Disney ‘s animated feature, Peter Pan. Contents [ show ] Background Tick-Tock was born several years before the events of Peter Pan, hatching on the shores of Neverland. He was adopted by a fairy named Rosetta , an early ally of Peter Pan’s pixie companion Tinker Bell , whom he mistook for his mother. Not long after being born, the young crocodile found himself aboard the ship of a young pirate captain named James, who would one day become the feared Captain Hook.

enchanted nightingale is a fanfiction author that has written 41 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, Buffy X-overs, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Alex Rider.

Super Mario series[ edit ] Super Mario Bros. Their relatives, the fire-spitting flying Flame Chomps , also appear later in the game. If they tug on their chain 50 times or if the timer hits seconds, all Chain Chomps come loose. They return in the remake, Super Mario Advance 4: There are four ways to defeat Chain Chomps in this game: It is attached to a wooden peg, and lunges at the player if they get too close.

It is temporarily immobilized if it is hit with a Bob-omb or a box or Yoshi’s eggs in the DS version. Once the Chain Chomp is free, it jumps around, smashing the jail cell open in the process, and leaps away, allowing Mario to reach the Star. In addition to its role in this Star, one of the level’s Red Coins is located above the Chain Chomp’s post.

In Super Mario 64 DS , it is also possible for Luigi to use a Power Flower to pass through the jail cell to reach the Star , and Wario only needs to ground-pound the peg once due to his weight. During the mission 5 Silver Stars! It is no longer chained to a peg, allowing it to roam in the area. One of the Silver Stars is located on the end of its chain.

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He’s just a kid. Is it ’cause I danced with him? Danced with is a pretty loose term. Mated with might be a little closer. Don’t you think you’re being a little unfair?

He Got Game is a American sports drama film written, produced and directed by Spike Lee and starring Denzel is the third of four film collaborations between Washington and Lee. Washington portrays Jake Shuttlesworth, father of the top-ranked basketball prospect in the country, Jesus Shuttlesworth, played by NBA star Ray , in prison for killing his wife, is.

Spike Quotes “If every vampire who said he was at the crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock. I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flowerperson, and I spent the next six hours watchin’ my hand move. I don’t like to brag. I love to brag! Who do you want me to be?

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Plot[ edit ] Jesus Shuttlesworth Ray Allen , the top high school basketball player in the United States, is being pursued by the top college basketball programs in the nation. His father, Jake, is a convicted felon serving time at Attica Correctional Facility for accidentally killing his wife, Martha, Jesus ‘ mother six years earlier. Jake is temporarily released by the governor, an influential alumnus of “Big State,” one of the colleges Jesus is considering, so that he might persuade his son to sign with the governor’s college.

I was born in Edinburgh and have lived there for much of my life. I developed a habit for reading in nursery, and was known to go under the piano with a book at times.

If you missed it, check out ! OK, before we begin the top five, I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the types of episodes that made this list. Seasons 1 and 7 had the least amount of representation with two episodes each, followed by seasons 5 and 6 with three, and season 4 with four. Seasons 3 and 2 had the most representation with five and six episodes, respectively.

The top five has episodes from seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5, so both the first and last seasons did not crack the top. This is the world we made. And this one is certainly no exception. Poor Cordelia is not having a good couple of episodes. High school kids are mean. In fact, the only person who wants to talk to her is random new girl, Anya. And random new characters are never a good sign. Anya is a character that we will grow to love, but for now she is just Anyanka, patron saint of women scorned.

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Does it deal with the aftermath of 6. Including what Buffy did to Spike? And much, much more. Even TV Guide will likely give away more than this:

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By Rachel McRady 4: Into every generation an excellent TV show is born: One show in all the world. The Joss Whedon masterpiece created several feminist icons, spoke to addiction struggles, portrayed the first lesbian sex scene on broadcast television, showed that vampires were sexy long before Twilight and made it ok to wear pink leather pants in public… well, sort of.

Whether you were Team Angel, Team Spike or kind of just wanted Giles and Joyce to get together, the show had a character and a moment for everyone. So to look back on the 20th anniversary, ET has compiled a list of the 20 best episodes to enjoy once more with feeling! Season 1, Episode The special effects were circa and villains had fruit punch mouth.

Season 3, Episode Season 2, Episode 3: The leather coat-wearing badass bursts into town with his beloved and insane Drusilla Juliet Landau by his side. Season 6, Episode This painful episode was supposed to be their wedding, before Xander wigged and left a tear-stained Anya at the altar.

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