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Make sure to visit his website to see more of his work and recordings. All images provided by Clive Titmuss click to enlarge. See image credits at end. I recently completed construction a set of four vihuelas, having made more than twenty over the last 25 years. After a series of concerts and speaking to the audience afterward I was surprised at the interest and questions I fielded from guitar players, rather than the usual early music lovers or lute players. This has been a consistent reaction and it suggested to me that the vihuela is an instrument which is ideal for the guitarist who is attracted to the Renaissance literature, but may have reservations about the complications of the lute. You may explore the rich Spanish vihuela literature and the wealth of Italian or Elizabethan six-course lute music because it has the same tuning. In some respects, such as ease of playing in higher positions, the simplicity of unison bass courses and its tuning ergonomics, it is considerably easier to deal with than the lute. I thought it might be interesting for readers to be introduced to the literature, surviving instruments and sources, to read a something of the history of its rediscovery and a discussion of the ways in which the music may be played on the modern guitar. I will talk about some of the ideas behind vihuela compositions and their main sources.

Philosophy of History

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Ancient through Medieval The attempt to derive meaning from the past is as old as culture itself. The very notion of a culture depends upon a belief in a common history that members of that culture recognize themselves as meaningfully sharing. Arguably the first scientific philosophy of history—which is characterized by an attempt to be non-biased, testimony-based, comprehensive, and unencumbered by grand predictive structures— was produced by the father of history, Herodotus c. But what he sacrifices in confirmable fact he makes up for in the descriptive vividness of everyday life.

All stories, however preposterous, are recorded without moral judgment since they each reflect the beliefs of a time and of a people, all of which are worth knowing. While Greece and Rome produced a number of important historians and chroniclers, none were more comprehensive or more influential than Thucydides c. Like Herodotus, Thucydides viewed history as a source of lessons about how people tended to act. And like him, too, Thucydides was concerned with how methodological considerations shaped our view of the past.

However, Thucydides was critical of Herodotus for having failed to carry out a sufficiently objective account. The lesson to be learned was not the sheer diversity of cultural behaviors but the typological character of agents and their actions, which was to serve as a sort of guide to future conduct since they were likely to repeat themselves. Second, Thucydides treated his evidence with overt skepticism.

He claims to not accept hearsay or conjecture, and to admit only that which he had personally seen or else had been confirmed by multiple reliable sources. Thucydides was the first to utilize source criticism in documentary evidence.

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So when the year-old, Grammy Award winner titled her third album Back to Me, she was making her current goals, both creative and personal, crystal clear. They could relate because whatever I was feeling at the time, I put that in my music. What makes us special as artists is when we do us. You have to follow your heart, and most of the time when you do that, you win.

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The main character, Lidim, works in a weapon shop in the capital of Alfria. He accidentally overhears secret negotiations between two countries. As Alfria doesn’t agree to become a colony of the powerful Epsilom Empire, an envoy of Epsilom, who is also a witch, uses an unknown weapon to destroy Lidim’s home village as a demonstration of power.

Witnessing the tragedy, Lidim loses his temper and assaults an important figure from the Empire If a character relies mainly on weapons to fight, her physical attacks will increase in strength and the character will closely resemble a warrior archetype. Extensive use of elemental attacks, on the other hand, is a straight road to increased mental power and a mage archetype. This special skill will be invoked only in the most dire of circumstances, e. Barla can and will turn the tides in the party’s favor.

So have some faith in them heroes. Things may turn out better than you’d hoped! Also, the world includes some ruins. Try and explore them, if you are up for an extra challenge. There are many other things to do, including fighting in the arena and completing items and enemies guides. In the additional dungeons, the strength of the enemies is adjusted to the strength of your party, so challenging battles can be enjoyed every time you play.

Fantasia Barrino

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Fantasia Monique Barrino Taylor (born June 30, ), known professionally by her mononym Fantasia, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame as the winner of the third season of the reality television series American Idol in Instruments: Vocals.

Daniel gifford Walt Disney is more often associated with fairy tales than environmentalism. When Earth Day approaches, we tend to think about the leading figures in conservation: But, dig a little deeper, and a picture emerges of a man who cared tremendously about conservation and used his position to communicate environmentally-progressive messages to his audiences. Disney was the ultimate stealth conservationist. This collection of over a dozen short and feature-length nature documentaries brought nature to millions of people from Seal Island well into the s.

From the beginning, Disney pushed back against the idea that these films had an educational purpose. Anything carrying the Disney names was going to mean entertainment—this I insisted on. From the beginning, Disney ensured that his films were made in collaboration with serious conservation and educational organizations. Similarly, White Wilderness was made in cooperation with various branches of the Canadian Wildlife Service. Titles from the series demonstrate their educational nature.

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro, review: ‘affectless fantasia’

Enchanting Delila Hello Gents, if you are reading this content then I have caught your attention. I’m a mature, well known courtesan, I aim to please. Foreplay is my playground and satisfaction is my goal. Always on top of my meet and greet. Whatever phantasie you have in mind do not hesitate to tell me. I am open-minded and love to create a pleasurable and joyful atmosphere.

Obviously, we came to know him from being Fantasia’s still-married boyfriend and baby’s daddy. Now, Mr. Cook has moved on to another unsuspecting personality, Kendra James from Oxygen’s Bad.

Dee Edwards Beautiful baby.. Wat I dnt undestand is when ppl say Tasia made a mistake or ppl r hate-n. She made a mistake by having a baby while n hs. Da drama dat is now unfolding has been going on 4 da past few yrs. So when does it go from being a mistake 2 accountability?? It leaves 0 rm 4 error. Some ppl might say.. Well he was seperated.. Dats like putting a bow on top of a pile of dog shit. He has da best of both worlds. When r these women gonna wake up??

If it were me.. Sleep wouldnt b an opt. She is truly talented.

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Plot[ edit ] Part One: As Prior’s illness progresses, Louis becomes unable to cope and moves out, leaving Prior to deal with his abandonment. He is given emotional support by his friend Belize, an ex-drag queen and a hospital nurse, who also must deal with Louis’ self-castigating guilt and myriad excuses for his behavior. Joe Pitt, a Mormon, Republican clerk in the same judge’s office where Louis holds a clerical job, is offered a position in Washington, D. Joe hesitates to accept out of concern for his agoraphobic , valium -addicted wife Harper, who refuses to move.

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By Deirdre Crimmins Jul. Did you intend to create a political segment? I think all movies are political, whether they intend to be or not. I knew that this was going to be one of a series of gruesome horror stories. One of things that the horror genre can represent is a forum for strong woman. It seemed to me, that given the subject matter of plastic surgery and I think we have all seen examples of people who have made mistakes in the zeal to please whomever, usually men , you need to think seriously about it.

In this case, it is not someone who is doing it just to make herself look prettier. She is doing it to rid herself of something that bothers her. The only problem is the scrupulousness of the people you hire to do your work can vary. It certainly varies in this one. Although the doctor seems to be fine, and the doctor seems to be ok, the only way that you can read this story is that they are all batshit crazy.

Fantasia and her husband talk about the love that share.. Love them!!