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With the new policy, which takes effect immediately, the university joins a growing number of American higher educational institutions that have restricted such relationships, saying they may exploit students. Binion, who helped draft the policy, said that while she believes most faculty members already recognize such standards of behavior, it was important for the university to take a clear stand. Until now, UC — like many U. But six campuses, including Berkeley, have conflict-of-interest guidelines urging professors to recuse themselves from overseeing students with whom they are romantically involved. The regents approved the policy on a voice vote, with two of them — Regent Velma Montoya and student Regent Matt Murray — asking that their opposition be registered. They and other critics said the policy was too broad and would be difficult to enforce. The potential problems stemming from sexual relations between professors and students were highlighted at the university last fall when the dean of the Boalt Hall law school announced his resignation after an allegation of sexual harassment by a former law student. The woman said that, when she was a student, John P.

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Hey everybody, this is pretty long but please hear me out. I plan to major in Environmental Science, both schools have a good reputation in it. I have a small list for each school but I would like everyone’s input and opinions. I hear Cal for undergraduate is quite competitive and cutthroat – meaning lots of stress and time studying.

Some professors are disengaged i. I visited a few years ago but don’t remember much aside from people with pale faces quietly walking between classes without much interaction but I will be going to Cal Day.

Dating a bipolar person tips dating can be a challenge when you suffer from said, meeting a new person can also be a source dating uc berkeley sexual assault policy a bipolar person tips of 10 uc berkeley reporting sexual assault simple tips can help make.

Apply for discount Product Description One of the most important journeys in human life is the quest for a satisfying, enduring love relationship. This search is nearly universal, and a lasting love is the goal of most people in most societies. This search has an unparalleled power and immerses us in many of the strongest emotions we will experience in our entire lives.

This often humorous, often poignant, and always profound video explores the differences in the ways that men and women experience the love relationship. It goes beyond mere analysis and examines ways to make a relationship work better for both men and women. Some potential problems reflect important gender differences and needs, while others involve gendered expectations about the love relationship itself.

In powerful and revealing interviews, they discuss what women believe is the most important thing a man needs to know about women, and what men believe is the most important thing a woman needs to know about men.

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Whiteness has been a privileged and prized identity in the U. So when black men select white women and de-select black women, they are doing so in a context of charged racial meanings. Last holiday season gave me plenty of food for thought on this all too familiar and often uncomfortable racially-tinged question.

The Institute of East Asian Studies organizes and sponsors research and public service programs related to the history, cultures and contemporary affairs of East Asia, at the University of California, Berkeley.

Examples of advanced concepts that are being discussed are the recently developed phase-contrast X-ray imaging and hyper-polarization MRI. This course combines lectures and experiments, focusing on advanced concepts in radiation detection ranging from basic and advanced digital filters for signal processing in semiconductor and scintillator detectors to radiation imaging. He is authored and co-authored over peer-reviewed publications.

This program entails almost all aspects of radiation detection including the detector fabrication, readout, integration and signal processing. In addition to his research and teaching activities, Professor Vetter heads the recently established Institute for Resilient Communities. This institute is dedicated to providing tools that enhance resilience in communities locally and globally. The goal is to minimize the impact associated with sudden or long-term changes induced by human actions or nature.

To achieve this goal, it combines science, technology, education, and outreach and involves academic and educational institutions as well as communities in an international, multi-disciplinary, and multi-cultural context. The Institute for Resilient Communities provides a framework for research, education, and community involvement to minimize the physical and psychological impact of future disruptive events and developments.

It provides a forum for dialogue among researchers, educators, decision makers, and communities locally and globally. As an example, the events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan highlighted the unmet need to enhance resilience to radiological and nuclear accidents. The incident and associated large releases of radioactive materials had and continue to have an enormous societal and economic impact on Japan and globally.

Bruce Lee vs. Wong Jack Man: Fact, Fiction and the Birth of the Dragon

This can include, but is not limited to, hate or bias related incidents, sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Through numerous trainings, we are equipping our campus with the skills to build a better campus environment, and recognize instances of potential harm or violence and offer help safely, be that by de-escalating, intervening, or reporting any potentially violent or concerning situations.

Supervisory staff, non-supervisory staff and faculty: Please click here to see information regarding your required trainings. Prevention Education Requirements All students are required to complete prevention education in order to be able to register for classes. This includes two components:

Big Data Seeks Online Love [Infographic] February 10, by Jennifer Dutcher Online dating purports to combine both “data” and “science” to find you that perfect match.

After weeks of back-and-forth messages and rising tensions, high noon had finally arrived. The showdown that occurred that night in front of just seven people behind locked doors was a legendary matchup by just about any standard. Oakland, Northern Shaolin against Southern. The fight that ensued would affect the remainder of both of their lives. And even still, this symmetry would persist: Far more than just some youthful clash of egos, the incident has a much wider relevance.

If Bruce Lee is indeed a philosophical godfather of modern mixed martial arts competitions, then his fight with Wong Jack Man was a qualifying moment, a crucible that tested the validity of martial techniques much in the way that early UFC fights would in the late 90s, tearing back the curtain to bluntly expose what was effective and what was mere hype. Yet this context has mostly gotten lost in the shuffle over the past half-century, as the showdown seems to permanently teeter between absurd urban mythology and obsessive hero worship of Bruce Lee.

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What do you call a dating partner when you’re in the awkward in-between dating phase? Body language suggesting openness or expansiveness can affect success, according to a study newly out of UC Berkeley. In today’s dating scene, people tend to make quick judgments. I read your column in the RedEye every week!

I have never been one to go for online dating, I’m just not into it.

Biography. In the beginning of July Prof. Darrell became the new Faculty Director of the California Program for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) at the University of California, Berkeley.

Click on the arrows to read the abstracts. Ben Backus Mobile VR for vision testing and treatment Consumer-grade head-mounted displays HMD for virtual reality VR have become inexpensive, mobile, and reliable, and they are starting to find clinical applications in vision care. The devices are not perfect: But they also have advantages: A single clinician can test or treat many patients at once and patients can take the HMDs home.

I will discuss two clinical applications that can now be reliably implemented in mobile VR: Matilda Chan Multifaceted roles of matrix metalloproteinases in corneal wound healing The matrix metalloproteinases MMPs are the most prominent family of proteinases involved in corneal wound repair. Recently the substrate repertoire of MMPs has expanded to include cell membrane-bound precursors of many growth factors, growth-factor receptors, cell adhesion molecules and chemokines.

Their role in various biological processes, including tissue repair, has similarly expanded and evolved. The important regulatory roles of MMPs in various physiological and pathological processes including inflammation, neovascularization, and fibrosis will be discussed. Emily Cooper 3D Vision in Natural Environments The visual system has evolved to function within the natural environment. Our understanding of the organizing principles of vision has been substantially advanced by examining statistical regularities in natural visual imagery.

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Hao Featured review What is your overall opinion of this school? I am currently attending UC Berkeley as a first-year undergraduate student. After only a few months studying here, I can see What is your overall opinion of this school?

List of famous alumni from University of California, Berkeley, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from University of California, Berkeley include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more.

The major problem in synthetic data generation is producing meaningful data that is not simply random but reflects properties of real-world data or covers particular cases of interest. In this paper, we show how a probabilistic programming language can be used to guide data synthesis by encoding domain knowledge about what data is useful. Specifically, we focus on data sets arising from scenes, configurations of physical objects: We design a domain-specific language, Scenic, for describing scenarios that are distributions over scenes.

The syntax of Scenic makes it easy to specify complex relationships between the positions and orientations of objects. As a probabilistic programming language, Scenic allows assigning distributions to features of the scene, as well as declaratively imposing hard and soft constraints over the scene. A Scenic scenario thereby implicitly defines a distribution over scenes, and we formulate the problem of sampling from this distribution as scene improvisation.

We implement an improviser for Scenic scenarios and apply it in a case study generating synthetic data sets for a convolutional neural network designed to detect cars in road images. Our experiments demonstrate the usefulness of our approach by using Scenic to analyze and improve the performance of the network in various scenarios.

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He based his finding mostly on data that men here are rich at least richer, on the mean, than men from any other major metropolitan area and outnumber single women by about 65, Florida didn’t seem to correct for sexual orientation, the favorite straw-man of disgruntled spinsters, but even so the underlying data wasn’t really controvertible. It wasn’t even new.

Learning Single-view 3D Reconstruction of Objects and Scenes; Learning Single-view 3D Reconstruction of Objects and Scenes. THIS REPORT HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN Shubham Tulsiani EECS Department University of California, Berkeley Technical Report No. UCB/EECS July 20,

Journalism that matters to Sacramento and California Support coverage of breaking news and watchdog journalism. Once, he posed as a trick-or-treater to get into the home of a victim, then telephoned her 20 days later to apologize. In October , he attacked two women in North Natomas, tying them up in their home. When the rapist came back into the room where she was being held, the woman stabbed him in the arm with a pair of scissors.

The rapist subdued the victim again, then tried to clean up the blood using sheets and towels, trying to get it off the floor and wiping down the victim, the taking the blood-soaked materials with him. But he could not collect all the blood, Ramsey said. Waller is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Sacramento Superior Court. He is being held on 12 counts of forcible sexual assault with enhancements, according to Schubert.

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Danny Scopelliti Oct 15, At the time of writing, three of the four general admission tier tickets have been sold out, while one out of three VIP packages likewise sold out. Crypto Begins to Find its Tune in the Music World The Berkeley festival has the potential to set the bar for future festivals hoping to incorporate a crypto-ecosystem.

Surprisingly, the behemoth US music festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella have yet to embrace crypto — although Indio, California, the home of Coachella, does maintain a nearby crypto ATM. Alternative and experimental ways of re-thinking the status quo surely serve as a bridge between the crypto community and the festival crowd.

Welcome! Welcome to the UC Berkeley Architecture Research homepage. Computer architecture research has a long history in the Berkeley EECS department, dating back to the CALDIC computer finished in (one noted alumnus of the CALDIC project was Douglas Engelbart, who would go on to invent the computer mouse).

By Tiya Miles 1. Last holiday season gave me plenty of food for thought on this all too familiar and often uncomfortable racially-tinged question. One of my male relatives brought home a date for Thanksgiving who could have been Barbie’s twin sister. She was blonde, thin, big-bosomed, and even had a Germanic name. She was probably very nice; but I cannot say for sure. She was shy and didn’t talk much in what was likely an unfamiliar and perhaps overwhelming African American social setting.

Another of my male relatives brought home a woman for Christmas who seemed like a modern-day, socially progressive southern belle. She was blonde, full figured, outgoing, and outspoken with a saucy southern accent and friendly, expressive manner. Two of my younger male relatives have recently been engaged to white women, and one tied the knot last summer. This is a pattern that I have observed in my professional life for years:

UC Berkeley student arrested by Border Patrol while visiting girlfriend near San Diego

According to UC Berkeley, computer administrators determined that electronic databases in University Health Services had been breached by overseas criminals on April 21, UHS electronic medical records, including details of patients’ diagnoses, treatments and therapies were not affected in this breach because they’re stored on a separate system. Victims include current and former UC Berkeley students, their parents or spouses if insurance coverage is linked and approximately 3, Mills College students who received or were eligible to receive health care at UC Berkeley.

The attacks appear to have been launched overseas. The FBI and campus police are investigating the breach, which was traced to a number of overseas locations, including China.

The chosen venue is the legendary Greek Theatre at the University of California, Berkeley. Officially named the Hearst Greek Theatre, the 8, capacity venue was opened in after being built with funds from newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst.

Renne is Director of the Berkeley Geochronology Center. His research includes applications of geochronology and paleomagnetism to various problems in the evolution of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Recent foci include continental flood basalts and plume-related magmatism, mass extinctions, human evolution, chronostratigraphy, tectonics, and calibration of the geologic time scale.

In parallel, work on improving geochronologic methods and capabilities is ongoing. Journal of Archeological Science 28 4: Geological Society of America Special Paper Journal of Human Evolution Quaternary Science Reviews Evolutionary Anthropology 9 2: Geological Society of America Bulletin Evolutionary Anthropology 6 2: Calibration against Pliny the Younger: Montanari, , Quaternary fluvial-volcanic stratigraphy and geochronology of the Capitoline Hill in Rome: Implications for Archeology and glacial cycles: